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Héctor Barrero was born and raised in Spain. Passionate by the visual arts since he was very young he studied at the F8 Photography & Art School in Madrid where he left in 1993 to start assisting different photographers, first in Madrid and later in Barcelona and Santander where he lived until 1996.

He began his photographic career in Madrid, focusing on fashion photography, boudoir, art nude and architecture.

He is based in Santander, Spain. But he moves through Europe and USA, if required.

” I’m not interested in the review, I’m not interested in keeping an eye on other people`s lives nor come up with long stories. I’m not interested in comparing myself with anyone nor showing that I’m better than the rest. I’m not interested in being the centre of attention nor competing, nor trying to be something which I’m not because rather than showing that I prefer being myself, to live my own life, sharing it with whom I think is worth sharing it with, those who are always there and don’t disappear when you are not needed.

I’m interested in growing up as a person, improving, smiling and making other people smile. Always having motivating words that can also inspire, connect with people that are full of involvement and with clear views. I’m interested in believing in the impossible and trusting that everything has a reason.

I’m interested in feeling free at every moment and I want to be respected without giving explanations to anyone. The only thing we have is “this moment” Do you really want to keep wasting time with nonsensical matters? ”